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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Ethics and AI: Identifying and Preventing Bias in Predictive Models

Ethics and AI: Identifying and Preventing Bias in Predictive Models



Federica Pelzel explores how bias and discrimination can be introduced into models, and different strategies to prevent it from happening.


Federica Pelzel is a technologist focusing on the public sector. After serving as chief of staff for the City of Buenos Aires' digital government team, she relocated to NYC where she has worked with several institutions including the White House and the World Bank. She's currently working at Mastercard, as a Director of Data and analytics platforms, focusing on public sector.

About the conference

Code Mesh LDN, the Alternative Programming Conference, focuses on promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry. The underlying theme is "the right tool for the job", as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand.

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Mar 06, 2019

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