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AI in Medicine



Anthony Chang presents the current status of AI in medicine and the foreseeable future in front of it.


Anthony Chang is organizing an international meeting, Medical Intelligence: Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. He is also co-founder and CEO of CardioGenomic Intelligence that focuses on artificial intelligence applications such as deep learning in clinical cardiology and genomic medicine.

About the conference

Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Artificial Intelligence(AI) Conference is held on January 19th, January 20th, & January 21st 2017 on all industry verticals(Finance, Retail/E-Commerce/M-Commerce, Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech, Energy, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco, Auto, Hi-Tech, Media, Agriculture, Chemical, Government, Transportation etc.. ). It will be the largest vendor agnostic conference in AI space. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss AI through effective use of various techniques.

Recorded at:

Apr 09, 2017