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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Building Serverless Robust, Secured Angular 6 Web Applications

Building Serverless Robust, Secured Angular 6 Web Applications



Jeff St. Germain discusses how to setup a series of serverless Azure API endpoints, secure those APIs with JWT tokens from Identity Server 4, and to scaffold the APIs into an Angular 6 site.


Jeff St. Germain is a Senior Software Engineer. He spends most of his days knee deep in cutting edge technology and brainstorming new solutions for clients. He has been working/playing with technology for 30+ years and has always had a passion for learning and teaching and playing games. He is also into CrossFit and has played volleyball for 27 years, from college to the national level.

About the conference

This year, we will kick off the conference with full day workshops (pre-compilers) where attendees will be able to get “hands-on” and exchange experiences with their peers in the industry.

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Mar 02, 2019