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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Dave Hoover and Paul Pagel on Apprenticing to Mastery

Dave Hoover and Paul Pagel on Apprenticing to Mastery



Formal software apprenticeship is an approach to developing skilled software developers. Dave Hoover and Paul Pagel discuss the patterns of behavior they've observed in successful apprenticeships, focusing specifically on apprenticeships in which the developer aspired to mastery. The behavioral patterns are applicable both inside and outside formal software apprenticeships.


Dave Hoover is the Chief Craftsman at Obtiva where he helps lead Obtiva's Software Studio and apprenticeship program. Dave has been developing software since 2000, when he left a career in child and family therapy. Paul Pagel is co-founder of 8th Light. He has been working in the software industry for over 5 very unique years. Paul is among the first formally trained software craftsmen

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Apr 02, 2010