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Architectures of extraordinarily large, self-sustaining systems
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| by Richard P. Gabriel on Aug 29, 2008 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in New York Jun 26-30, 2017. Join us!

Picture a system so large it cannot be comprehended. Can such a system be "designed" in any conventional sense? Will machines help design it? Will it help design itself? How will it keep running? Will it be alive? The foundations of computing are about to change. In this talk, Richard P. Gabriel explores why and how.

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Richard P. Gabriel has a PhD in CS from Stanford, and an MFA in Poetry from Warren Wilson College. He's been a researcher at Stanford, President and CTO at Lucid, Distinguished Engineer at Sun and is now a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research where he looks into architecture, design, and implementation of extraordinarily large, self-sustaining systems and techniques for building them.

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