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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator

Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator



Giles Bowkett captures the heart and soul of the RubyFringe conference as he demonstrates his revolutionary Archaeopteryx MIDI generator. He delivers an eloquent, highly politicized call to action in a career-defining presentation that is raucously hilarious yet unnerving in its practicality.


Giles Bowkett is an artist, musician, Ruby developer, acid freak, activist, Burner, entrepreneur and explorer. He is a prolific open source contributor and frequent technology conference speaker. He publishes one of the top Ruby blogs and created the first UI for web television start-up Hulu. Giles' latest adventure is Archaeopteryx, a revolutionary MIDI generator.

About the conference

RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging Ruby projects and technologies. They're mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and projects that are driving things forward in our community.

Recorded at:

Oct 01, 2008