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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Achieving High Throughput with Reliability in Transactional Systems

Achieving High Throughput with Reliability in Transactional Systems



Kiran Minnasandram, Raju Myadam discuss architecting and designing a high performance throughput & data processing transactional system, and real-time access to a large data set via APIs.


Kiran Minnasandram is CTO & Vice President, Wipro. Raju Myadam is Distinguished Member & Chief Architect, Wipro.

About the conference

Pivotal Training offers a series of hands-on, technical courses prior to SpringOne Platform. Classes are scheduled two full days before the conference and provide you and your team an opportunity to receive in-depth, lab-based training across some of the latest Pivotal technologies.

Recorded at:

Feb 26, 2019

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