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Architecture Evaluation in Practice



Dragos Manolescu shares insights gained from growing ThoughtWorks' architecture evaluation practice and evaluating several architectures for Global 1000 companies. These insights aim at preparing people interested in commissioning, managing, performing, participating in, or analyzing the results of architecture evaluation to tackle the realities of the front line.


Dragos Manolescu is a Software Architect in the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft. Prior to joining MS he led ThoughtWorks' Architecture Evaluation practice, assisting Global 1000 companies with the evaluation and design of software architectures. More information about his research and interests is available from

About the conference

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Recorded at:

Oct 03, 2007

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Community comments

  • download?

    by Tom McMillen,

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    Is there anyway to get a download of the presentation? I'd like to show this at work, but we can't access the streamed version?

  • Re: download?

    by Allen Montejo,

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    i think infoq should have an download feature to their presentations

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