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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Meet Me in the Astrocade: Peace, Love, and 8-Bit Hardware Hacking

Meet Me in the Astrocade: Peace, Love, and 8-Bit Hardware Hacking



Rachel Simone Weil discusses the value of the occasional retreat to work on niche, obsolete electronics, sharing her experience hacking decades-old hardware such as the Astrocade and NES.


Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental designer whose work combines electronic nostalgia and ultracute aesthetics to write alternative histories of computing and video games. Weil currently works as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. She is the founder of FEMICOM Museum, an archive of girly video games and software.

About the conference

The people behind Joy of Coding are an informal group, backed by a legal entity (the Devnology Foundation). We are organising this for fun, not for profit.

Recorded at:

Sep 30, 2018

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