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InfoQ Homepage Presentations 7 Deadly Sins of Automated Software Testing

7 Deadly Sins of Automated Software Testing



Adrian Smith covers symptoms, root problems and guidance on recommended solutions for avoiding automated testing mistakes.


Dr. Adrian Smith is passionate about technology and helping to increase productivity and quality using Agile and Lean principles. He has worked for Airbus, BBC, GKN and Suncorp where he has led teams developing products for the aerospace, digital media and construction industries. Adrian has presented at Agile Australia 2010, 2011, STANZ 2011, Fusion 2012 and at Agile 2011 and Better Software 2013

About the conference

Agile Australia is the national Australian conference on Agile, attracting over 850 delegates in 2013. In its fifth year, the conference was themed Accelerate Innovation and featured thought leaders on innovation and business, including Dave Snowden, Bjarte Bogsnes and Ryan Martens. Agile Australia 2013 was sponsored by Rally, ThoughtWorks, IBM, Telstra, and Atlassian and is managed by SlatteryIT.

Recorded at:

Dec 15, 2013