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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Running AWS Lambda Functions on CloudFront with Lambda@Edge

Running AWS Lambda Functions on CloudFront with Lambda@Edge



Oliver Gutperl introduces the Lambda@Edge runtime model, outlines use cases like cookie handling and redirects, then he covers experimental ideas that take advantage of serverless.


Oliver Gutperl has more than 20 years of experience in implementing and running web infrastructures. Today he is Kapitän at Digital Sailors, helping organizations sail their ship on the digital oceans. This involves creating and implementing cloud solutions as well as writing software for and in the cloud. He has written a book on Nginx and is a regular speaker at conferences and meetups.

About the conference

Micro Services are a new paradigm for software architecture: small services in separated processes take the place of large applications. This way monolithic architecture can be avoided, and systems are easily scalable and changeable. The microXchg conference looks at a variety of aspects of Micro Services.

Recorded at:

Aug 16, 2018