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When Data Kills



Cori Crider shares insights from her investigations of US drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan, and explores how misuse of mass surveillance data has claimed innocent lives.


Cori Crider, a US lawyer, directed Reprieve’s Counter-Terrorism team from 2009-16. For more than a decade she has investigated and litigated abuses in the “war on terror”: Guantánamo, CIA rendition and torture, and drone attacks in undeclared war zones. She writes and speaks about the national security state and the ethics of technology in intelligence.

About the conference

The event is focused at leaders, community activists and interested folk at all levels of tech. We love intelligent, challenging discussion in a welcoming environment - with actionable results! Supporting Coed:Ethics is a great way for sponsors and attendees to demonstrate they care about where tech is going and how we get there safely, scaleably, and inclusively.

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Aug 10, 2018