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The Bug Hunt Is On



Samantha Connelly discusses five activities that can be run in a business to engage more people in the bug hunting efforts: bug bashes, bug bounties, quality guild, dogfooding, and soap opera testing.


Samantha Connelly could be described as a motorbike riding, robotics obsessed, girl geek. She is a Quality Coach at Campaign Monitor; she would prefer ‘product risk investigator’ as her title with the tagline ‘I will help you find your bugs’.

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Oct 07, 2018

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  • Bug hunt

    by David Pickett,

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    I am appalled that, as a user, I have very little ability to report bugs. Tier one drowns me in boilerplate, for it must be me that is broken. Many app corps do not want any input from users, an extra cost. Quality reporters are not identified. It feels like there is no remediation budget!

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