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C++ for Real-Time Communications in the Cloud



Thiya Ramalingam talks about what Zoom’s platform engineers have learned over the years from running a complete C++ stack in their back-end service - starting from selecting the right data structures from STLs to optimizing the code for maximum throughput.


Thiya Ramalingam heads the platform engineering and leads engineering and infrastructure at Zoom. Previously, with Saba Software, he was a senior director of engineering where he led the engineering for collaboration, social, talent and data science platforms. Prior to Saba, he held engineering leadership positions at Plantronics and Cisco Systems.

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May 16, 2018

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  • C++ performance pitfalls explained in simple way

    by Ravi Ok,

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    C++ performance pitfalls distilled to five bullets, with simple illustration. I would be very interested to hear another talk on why C++ for the platform to begin with, and what is the hindsight advice

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