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Why Should I Care About Your Case Study?



Thomas Epping considers that case studies, even successful ones, should not be blindly applied everywhere, but one should take only what’s useful for one’s circumstance.


Thomas Epping supports teams in reaching their specific goals by introducing new ways of thinking and acting. Stages of his professional career include working as a researcher, software developer, manager, and coach. He works as a senior IT consultant at codecentric in Germany and is active in the Limited WIP Society, Cologne.

About the conference

Lean Kanban United Kingdom is the conference for managers, team leads, consultants and executives who want to more reliably deliver the products and services their customers demand.In 2 days, learn how to achieve improved business agility through faster, more predictable and more flexible service delivery. Includes case studies (Skype, iTV, and more), workshops, and industry metrics.

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Jan 02, 2015