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Project Fortress: Run your whiteboard, in parallel, on the JVM



In this presentation from the JVM Languages Summit 2008, David Chase discusses Fortress, a Fortran-based highly parallel programming language. Topics covered include the origins of Fortress, mathematical syntax, the challenges of running on the JVM, parsing, work stealing, transactions, continuations, problems with blocking, the type system, type mapping, multiple dispatch and profiling.


David Chase works in the Programming Languages Research Group. Most of his time is spent on HPCS work; some of that takes the form of short notes. Chase is a big fan of language safety and high performance. He feels HPCS presents interesting problems in the design of "virtual machines" (interpreted generally, not narrowly) that hide and/or abstract away failure.

About the conference

The 2008 JVM Language Summit is an open technical collaboration among language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. The talks inform the audience, in detail, about the state of the art of language design and implementation on the JVM, and the present and future capabilities of the JVM itself.

Recorded at:

Jan 23, 2009