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InfoQ Homepage Presentations clojure-scheme: Compiling Clojure to Native Code via Scheme

clojure-scheme: Compiling Clojure to Native Code via Scheme



Nathan Sorenson discusses clojure-scheme, a ClojureScript compiler that translates Clojure code to Scheme code, showing how to compile this Schemified Clojure code to raw C or run it on iOS.


Nathan Sorenson currently works at Vancouver-based startup Kibooco, where he seeks to make the creative power of computers tangible for the next generation by crafting enchanting software for kids to create their own storybooks. He created "Take-out Weight Curling," the smash-hit video game (in Canada at least), and has completed M.Sc. research on computational creativity and AI-driven art design.

About the conference

Clojure/West is the newest conference creation from Alex Miller (aka @puredanger). Alex has been running the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis since 2009, smashing together the worlds of functional and dynamic programming languages, concurrency, distributed systems, web and mobile. Since early 2010, Alex has also been part of a team using Clojure at Revelytix.

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Aug 08, 2013