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Microservices Antipatterns



Tammer Saleh talks about the mistakes people make when building a microservices architecture. He also talks about: when microservices are appropriate, and where to draw the lines between services, dealing with performance issues, testing and debugging techniques, managing a polyglot landscape and the explosion of platforms, managing failure and graceful degradation.


Tammer Saleh is a long time developer, leader, and author of the acclaimed book *Rails AntiPatterns*. Saleh is currently building the Cloud Foundry platform at Pivotal.

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Recorded at:

Apr 15, 2016

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Community comments

  • Great presentation, but how can I see video & slides at the same time?

    by John Furseth,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    This worked for me last time I was here, but now it doesn't behave the same way. I see that the slides now are downloadable, but now I only see the the video of Tammer Saleh and not the slides. Is this a browser/ player or a video production issue?

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Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p