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Concurrency Options on the JVM



Jessica Kerr covers some of the concurrency tools existing in JVM languages including ExecutorService, Futures, Akka actors, and core.async coroutines, providing advice on writing deadlock-free code.


Jessica Kerr is a developer, working in Scala, Clojure, and whatever is expedient. Better known as Jessitron, she blog and tweets and speaks about functional programming, version control, and architecture at conferences across the US and Europe. She's also a mother of two, a Pluralsight author, and a panelist on the Ruby Rogues podcast.

About the conference

The conference is a two-day, multi-track event that covers all aspects of software development, design and project management. We have speakers from all over the world who are industry experts that deliver both break-out sessions as well as hands-on workshops to further our attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Recorded at:

Oct 17, 2015

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