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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Agility in Containers: How Work Evolves with Docker

Agility in Containers: How Work Evolves with Docker



Adam Krieger discusses why containers have an impact on the entire organization, not just the developers through scalability, confidence of isolation and the reduction of cycle time.


Adam Krieger is an IT Consultant from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most often a software developer, and always eager to learn, he believes that better is better than best. He's interested in empowering teams, driving change, and solving problems of scale with a healthy dose of pragmatism. His main interests are software architecture, DevOps, and team leadership.

About the conference

Deliver is a conference that brings people together to uncover better ways to deliver software and provide value within your organization and for your customers. It is a conference for designers, testers, architects, project managers, developers, business analysts, product managers, infrastructure professionals, and others.

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Nov 27, 2016