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Next-gen Start-up Cultures: Innovating as You Grow
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| by Jim Plush Follow 0 Followers on Mar 09, 2017 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in London, Mar 4 - 6, 2019. Join us!

Jim Plush discusses specific culture initiatives, team structures and management ideals that have worked for his team at CrowdStrike such as "No Meeting Thursday", "Think Week", their virtual team structure, the culture team and more. He also shares his cultural experiences across several startups and enterprises.


Jim Plush is Sr. Director of Engineering at CrowdStrike where he leads the technical direction for the Cloud team and is also member of their culture team. His most recent projects are in the large scale data ingestion, graph analytics and distributed systems space. He is the creator of the open source project “Goose" which is a content extraction tool used by researchers for content extraction.

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