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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Structuring Data for Self-Serve Customer Insights

Structuring Data for Self-Serve Customer Insights



Jim Porzak discusses creating an analyst ready data mart that is complete at different levels of abstraction and models customer decision points in order to be able to understand customers.


Jim Porzak is a semi-retired data scientist specializing in data-driven customer insights. Since last fall he has been primarily engaged by ( a LinkedIn company) working with the marketing, product, and content teams. Past experience includes,, Responsys, LA Times, 24 Hour Fitness and Sun Microsystems, to name a few.

About the conference

Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Data Science Conference is held on March 7th, March 8th & March 9th, 2016 on all industry verticals. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss data science through effective use of various data management techniques.

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Aug 12, 2016