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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Artificial Intelligence that Plays Atari Video Games: How Did Deep Mind Do It?

Artificial Intelligence that Plays Atari Video Games: How Did Deep Mind Do It?



Kristjan Korjus discusses deep learning, reinforcement learning and their combination called deep Q-Network.


Kristjan Korjus is co-author of the 3rd best selling book in Estonia in 2014 "Bedside Reading About Mathematics". Kristjan co-founded which was a MIT Global Start-up Conference finalist and Garage48 Hackathon winner. In his spare time, Kristjan led a successful GitHub project "Replicating DeepMind" and is finishing a Ph.D. in Machine Learning.

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“BUILD STUFF” is a Software Development Conference for people who actually build stuff. We bring world-class speakers, letting them share about the latest developments, trends and innovations, as well as new directions in software development. Since launching in 2012, it’s really caught on quickly.

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Apr 06, 2016

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