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We Redefine Our Tools Because Thereafter They Define Us



Michael Seifert shares lessons learned working on various design projects and the process of changing the tools while doing it.


Michael Seifert is teaching at art universities in Germany and curating the international event series 'this happened...'. He is Creative Director at Jung von Matt, the most successful creative agency in German-speaking Europe for the past 20 years. The agency is fully independent ­and proud of this fact.

About the conference

Redefine conference will provide a platform for people that embrace today’s opportunities and, through their work, question the role and essence of design.

Recorded at:

Apr 24, 2015

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  • Would be better if we saw the videos

    by Richard Richter,

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    Sometimes when they capture the presentation, they know where to point the camera. And sometimes they don't. Shame.

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