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Climbing the Totem Pole - from Dev to Dev Manager
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| by Melissa Green Follow 0 Followers on Sep 06, 2015 |

Melissa Greene explores the pitfalls of management and tries to provide you with a solid understanding of whether management is a growth path you desire, what the options might be if it is not, and how to manage those within your team better.


Melissa Green began her career as a technologist nearly 15 years ago in Kansas City. She currently consults as a marketing technologist, helping businesses understand the martech landscape, best practices and connecting them to partners to achieve their digital goals.

The conference is a two-day, multi-track event that covers all aspects of software development, design and project management. We have speakers from all over the world who are industry experts that deliver both break-out sessions as well as hands-on workshops to further our attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the topics.