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From Data Science to Production–Deploy, Scale, Enjoy
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| by Sergii Khomenko Follow  Followers on Mar 19, 2017 |

Sergii Khomenko introduces best practices in development, covers production deployments to the AWS stack, and using the serverless architecture for data applications.


Sergii Khomenko is data scientist at STYLIGHT. He was director/lecturer at HP International Institute of Technology, Kiev. He has spoken at different conferences and is founder and/or speaker at Munich Golang User Group, Munich Tableau User Group, Munich UseR Group, Munich Search User Group, Munich Quantified Self Meetup, Munich Datageeks, and AWS User Group.

CRUNCH is a use case heavy conference for people interested in building the finest data driven businesses. No matter the size of your venture or your job description you will find exactly what you need on the two-track CRUNCH conference. A data engineering and a data analytics track will serve diverse business needs and levels of expertise.