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What Makes a Good Development Process?



Bruce Eckel reviews some of the ideas and practices of the development community, outlining patterns of the problems related to communication, organization, process, etc. it has been trying to resolve.


Bruce Eckel ( is co-author or author of Atomic Scala, Thinking in Java, the Hands-On Java eSeminar, Thinking in C++, C++ Inside & Out, and First Steps in Flex. He was a founder of ANSI/ISO C++ and was the chair of both the C++ and Java tracks at the Software Development conference, is cofounder of the JavaPosse Roundup Conference and creator of the Scala Summit Conference.

About the conference

CRAFT is about software craftsmanship, which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and it is a compass on new technologies, trends.

Recorded at:

Aug 17, 2014

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Community comments

  • Sound quality issues

    by Martin Taylor,

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    Sound quality issues with this posting.

  • Going the full circle :-)

    by Richard Richter,

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    Bruce Eckel was at the beginning of my Java study, his Thinking in Java was very thorough on many topics and quite tough to get through, but well worth it. It was nice to see him presenting, it all made sense although being more on the reviewing side for me. Shame about the overdriven microphone. ;-)

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