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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Technologist’s Guide to Hitchhiking

The Technologist’s Guide to Hitchhiking



Seb Rose keynotes on the role of serendipity in a developer’s career, how to loosen up and how to make one’s own luck.


Seb Rose is the lead author of “The Cucumber for Java Book” and a contributing author to “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know”. He has written for many online journals, including Agile Connection, Simple Talk and the Prose Garden. He has spoken at dozens of UK and international conferences, including Software Architect, XP, Agile 2014, Java One, NDC, Agile Testing and Eurostar.

About the conference

It was another really fantastic conference this year which saw 400 people pass through the doors - our biggest turnout so far with fully booked workshops and a great atmosphere over the whole three days. Brought to us by Naked Element Ltd., the next conference is already being planned with the addition of a dedicated schools day.

Recorded at:

Apr 29, 2017