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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: Harmonizing Agile and Lean

The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: Harmonizing Agile and Lean



Scott Ambler describes how to evolve from today’s vision of agile to a truly disciplined agile enterprise, exploring what it means to scale strategies at the project level and across an organization.


Scott Ambler is Senior Consulting Partner with Scott Ambler + Associates, and specializes in helping organizations to successfully adopt disciplined agile strategies. He is the author of many books and a regular contributor to many magazines and industry conferences. Follow him: @scottwambler

About the conference

The Toronto Agile and Software is the Toronto Agile Community's 6th Annual Agile Conference held at the Hilton Toronto on Monday, November 10th. The conference featured seven concurrent interactive sessions and plenty of opportunities to network. Whether you are new to Agile or have a lot of experience, this conference delivered value to all levels of expertise.

Recorded at:

Mar 12, 2015