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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Elm and Game Development, a Perfect Fit

Elm and Game Development, a Perfect Fit



Paulo Diniz discusses the Elm architecture, how to use it as functional reactive programming for web game development.


Paulo Diniz is currently working in Germany, but originally from Brazil where the weather was too hot. He started programming on J2ME, then JEE but realized that there was more to Computer Science than the Java Enterprise world and invested on Ruby and Rails. He is currently working with Elixir and having fun along the way.

About the conference

THE CONF was founded in 2017 as an annual conference to fill the gap of instituting an International-level event in Brazil, where all speakers present in English. That way we can finally have a body of presentations that anyone in the world can consume and a venue where anyone in the world can attend. The goal is to showcase what interesting new tech, such as Data Sciences, Brazilians are working on, and integrate nearby countries and the rest of the world in the future.

Recorded at:

Mar 19, 2018