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Query Params with the Ember Router: Past, Present and Future
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| by Alex Speller Follow 0 Followers on Nov 04, 2013 |

Alex Speller introduces Ember Query, a library enabling query string usage in Ember: introduction, advanced usage, tips & tricks, the future.


Alex Speller (@alexspeller) is the author of Ember Query, a query params library for Ember.js, and is an active contributor to other libraries in the Ember ecosystem. At Ember Fest he will be helping to host the hackathon on August 29th. In his day job he is a lead software engineer at

Ember Fest is Europe’s biggest Ember.js conference. In 2013 the conference was held in Munich, Germany and contained a two-day training course, a hackathon and a full day conference. Training and talks were held by people with first hand Ember.js experience, sharing their knowledge and spreading the word on Ember.js’ awesomeness! In 2014, Ember Fest will be held during the last week of August.