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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Maximizing Throughput on Multicore Systems

Maximizing Throughput on Multicore Systems



Irina Guberman discusses maximizing throughput on multicore systems with Erlang and the Jobs framework by Ulf Wiger.


Irina Guberman is a software engineer at Ubiquiti Networks. She has fun solving hard problems with Erlang. She’s an avid artist, taking day-to-day objects and turning them into surreal fantasy awesomeness.

About the conference

The Erlang Factory SF Bay is a two-day tech conference focused on the Erlang programming language. It brings together the rapidly growing community that uses Erlang in order to showcase the language and its various application to today's distributed environments. Those less familiarized with the language get first-hand accounts on how companies solve real-world challenges using Erlang. Training courses on Erlang, OTP and other tools ad solutions based on the language are usually organised around the conference.

Recorded at:

Oct 16, 2015