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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Reactive & Asynchronous - Adventures with APIs in Financial Trading

Reactive & Asynchronous - Adventures with APIs in Financial Trading



Michael Barker discusses several low-latency APIs used for financial trading, what makes them fast and how they compare to HTTP/REST/JSON/XML APIs.


Michael Barker is the Head of Software for Asia/Pacific at LMAX Exchange and coded his way across the entire stack, but has mostly focused on the infrastructure layers, specifically reliable messaging, remoting, data storage/journaling, high availability, and making all of the above as fast as possible. Michael maintains the LMAX Disruptor OSS project and has contributions to other OSS projects.

About the conference

The API Days NZ Conference is organised by HYPR and Deloitte for the benefit of the API community. This includes anyone who is interested in improving the way New Zealand organisations share digital resources with customers using APIs. API Days is all about collaboration and sharing stories.

Recorded at:

Apr 02, 2017