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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Future of Distributed Databases Is Relational

The Future of Distributed Databases Is Relational



Sumedh Pathak talks about his team’s journey to create a more modern relational database. He talks about the distributed systems problems they had to solve in order to scale out the Postgres open source database, in order to achieve parallelism and a concomitant increase in performance. He describes the architecture of the distributed query planner, the distributed deadlock detection, and more.


Sumedh Pathak is a co-founder and the VP of Engineering at Citus Data, where he leads the effort to make sure the Citus scale-out database is useful for application developers, so they can focus on their application and not their infrastructure. Before Citus, he worked as a software engineer at Amazon on the shopping cart app.

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Jun 21, 2018

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