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Gamestorming the Retrospective



Astrid Claessen discusses retrospectives: the Derby and Larsen models, how gamestorming helps, and techniques explained through example by involving the audience.


Astrid Claessen is Chairman of Agile Holland and connector of disciplines and people at Kuzidi. Kuzidi is an independent collective of agile coaches and change agents. They bring fresh thinking to your organization, and, more importantly, ignite fresh thinking in others. They are connected, active and acknowledged members of the Dutch and worldwide agile community.

About the conference

The inaugural Agile Singapore Conference was themed around Producing Software, Professionally. Speakers included Jim McCarthy, David Hussman, Kent Beck, Tom Gilb, Kevlin Henney and Bas Vodde who hosted some of the 26 talks and workshops during the two day event.

Recorded at:

Jan 12, 2014