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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Genetic Programming in the Real World: A Short Overview

Genetic Programming in the Real World: A Short Overview



Leonardo Trujillo overviews how GP can be used to solve ML tasks intended as a starting point for applied researchers and developers.


Leonardo Trujillo received a doctorate in Computer Science from CICESE research center, in Ensenada, Mexico (2008), developing Genetic Programming (GP) applications for feature extraction and image description. He is currently a research professor at Instituto Tecnolóico de Tijuana, where he is head researcher of the TREE-LAB.

About the conference

PAPIs is the conference made by and for ML practitioners. Anyone can submit talk proposals (blind-reviewed by our committee) or ask questions to take discussions further. Breaks between sessions are perfect to get to know fellow attendees, speakers, and top ML companies.

Recorded at:

Dec 16, 2018