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The Git Parable



Johan Herland explains how Git does branching and merging in a distributed (and partially disconnected) environment, how to rewrite a commit history, and why staging is useful.


Johan Herland is a software developer at Cisco in Oslo, Norway, developing the next generation of video conferencing solutions. Johan started meddling with distributed version control and Git in 2007, and has been heavily involved in migrations from CVS to git (at Opera) and Subversion to Git (at Cisco). He also occasionally contributes patches to Git itself.

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Recorded at:

Aug 03, 2013

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Community comments

  • decent try

    by Nilesh Thali,

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    i have no doubt that Johan is a cat at this stuff, but the presentation didn't engage me for the following 3 reasons:
    1. it really didn't feel like a parable. there was a very loose story initially, but disintegrated into pure technical instruction very rapidly.
    2. due in large part to the apparent lack of a wireless pointer/slide-advancer, Johan had to shuffle between the screen and his computer, making for a stop-go delivery
    3. very long. with more rehearsing and editing, this could be done in 30-45 mins instead of 85 mins, which will help ADD/ADHD people like me :)

  • I saw a first few minutes

    by Richard Richter,

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    Luckily speaker stated his source - and you can actually read that one and you'll get the same without the pictures. I don't say it's necessarily bad to adapt story of somebody else (credit is there), but then it should be a good performer. Here the work with microphone is not mastered at all and a lot of reading (so it seems). Maybe the rest is better, but for me it was just a pointer to that blog. Thanks for that.

  • Re: decent try

    by Stephan Kennedy,

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    Concerning your 3rd point: in fact he does finish the presentation in a little over 45 minutes. The rest is a rather interesting question/answer session. Unfortunately the questions are almost impossible to hear, nevertheless Johan gives some good advice.
    Also I found the slides rather good. The original post by Preston-Werner is text only.

  • Very interesting talk

    by Xavier Nodet,

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    Yes, a remote command for the slides would be nice. And sometimes there is some noise in the mic. Repeating the questions would have been helpful. All valid remarks...

    But this was a very interesting talk nevertheless! Easier to follow than the blog entry that doesn't have any picture...

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