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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Go Circuit: Distributing the Go Language and Runtime

Go Circuit: Distributing the Go Language and Runtime



Petar Maymounkov introduces Go Circuit, a system that reduces the human development and sustenance costs of complex massively-scaled systems nearly to the level of their single-process counterparts.


Petar Maymounkov obtained a Ph.D. from MIT in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, advised by Prof. Jonathan Kelner and supported by Prof. Frans Kaashoek in 2012. During 2012, he worked at Tumblr, Inc. where he developed a new paradigm for efficient development and sustenance of data-processing distributed applications, called the Go Circuit.

About the conference

Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, mobile development, and the web.

Recorded at:

Mar 10, 2014