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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Resistance is Futile: You Will be Glass-imilated

Resistance is Futile: You Will be Glass-imilated



Gabbie Gibson introduces Google Glass, how to use voice commands, touch gestures and its interface, and how to write Glassware apps that run on the device.


Gabbie Gibson is a game developer, gamer, musician, and polyglot software craftsman. She is an avid fan of AR (augmented reality) and game development, and a participant in the Google Glass Explorers program. She has been developing professionally for 8 years in a number of different languages, and multiple platforms, from back-end Java web services, to flash web games, to mobile applications.

About the conference

Self.conference combines awesome tech presentations with insightful soft talks to give you a Detroit-based conference worth your while. It's two days packed with mobile, web, hardware, software, process, and team talks to help you expand your knowledge, meet other technically-minded folk, and immerse yourself in Detroit's tech renaissance.

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Oct 18, 2014

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