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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Building Grails-powered Responsive JavaScript Applications

Building Grails-powered Responsive JavaScript Applications



Steve Pember discusses the architecture, the frameworks and Responsive Design principles to be employed while building a single-page JavaScript application., and why use Grails for that.


Steve Pember has been a web developer for the past nine years. He is a Senior Consultant with Cantina, a technology consultancy in Boston, USA, which specializes in utilizing the forefront in web technologies to construct top-notch connected experiences. For the past few years, Steve has been an avid Grails developer and helps organize the Boston area Grails User Group.

About the conference

GR8Conf US is a conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails, Griffon and other GR8 technologies in Minneapolis, MN.

Recorded at:

Jan 12, 2014