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Real-Time Fraud Detection with Graphs
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| by Jim Webber on Mar 29, 2016 | NOTICE: The next QCon is in New York Jun 26-30, 2017. Join us!

Jim Webber talks about several kinds of fraud common in financial services and how each naturally decomposes into a straightforward graph use-case. To demonstrate the power of connected data, he explores use-cases using Neo4j and the (now open standard) Cypher query language to showcase just how performant, pleasant and powerful graphs can be, and how the fraudsters need to beware.

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Jim Webber is Chief Scientist with Neo Technology, the company behind open source graph database Neo4j, where he works on graph database server technology and writes open source software. He is interested in using big graphs like the Web for building distributed systems. He is the author of Developing Enterprise Web Services - An Architect's Guide and a co-author on the book REST in Practice.

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