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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Unleash the Power of HBase Shell

Unleash the Power of HBase Shell



Jayesh Thakrar shows what can be done with irb, how to exploit JRuby-Java integration, and demonstrates how the Shell can be used in Hadoop streaming to perform complex and large volume batch jobs.


Jayesh Thakrar is a Big Data enthusiast and loves to manage, process and explore large amounts of structured and unstructured data. He is part of the big data team at Conversant that manages several large production Hadoop clusters, each with 200+ TB of data, billions of rows in HBase and MapR M7 tables, and 25-50k+ HBase/M7 calls per second.

About the conference

This one-day event focused on practical business applications of Hadoop and technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem. Industry thought leaders shared emerging trends and best practices with users and developers to deliver valuable insights from some of today's most successful Hadoop deployments.

Recorded at:

Dec 07, 2014