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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Hypertable - An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

Hypertable - An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database



This presentation discusses Hypertable, an open source, high performance, distributed database modeled after Google's Bigtable. Doug discusses the differences between Hypertable and traditional database technology, support for massive sparse tables, scaling to petabytes size, and how Hypertable is designed to run on top of an existing distributed file system, such as the Hadoop DFS.


At Inktomi's Web Search division Doug designed and developed large-scale distributed systems. Later, at Kosmix, Inc., he built a distributed web crawler and scaled it to a billion documents. He also worked at Verity, helping to develop VDK. He is currently Principal Search Architect at Zvents, Inc., and holds four patents in search technology.

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Jul 31, 2009