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IIBA Debate on the Role of the Analyst in Agile Projects
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by Shane Hastie on Aug 31, 2010 |

At a recent IIBA New Zealand members event Shane and Pete debated the role of the business analyst on Agile projects. Shane presented on why analysis is so important on Agile projects, and why the role of the analyst remains crucial to project success. Pete said that the traditional role of the Business Analyst is under threat and will need to evolve in order to be valued on an Agile project


Shane Hastie - Chief Knowledge Engineer at Software Education ( Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), scrummaster , trainer and coach in all areas of Agile and Business Analysis. Pete Tansey - Agile Practice Director, Equinox ( Leads the development of Agile consulting services and Agile training programmes. Developed an “Agile Project Risk Assessment”

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