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10 Lessons Learned In The Trenches



Gergely Timar shares lessons learned at Indextools, a web data analytics firm acquired by Yahoo!.


At Indextools, Gergely Timar led the backend engineering team responsible for the acquisition, storage and analysis of the clickstream data. After the Yahoo! acquisition he transitioned into an architect role for the overall product. He helps design technical solutions to fulfill business goals as well as influence business ideas based on the available technical capabilities.

About the conference

RAMP: A sold-out conference on how to scale backend systems at startups and fast growing companies designed for everyone who wanted to create MVPs that scale beyond expectations. It featured a great lineup of stories and presenters including Jeremy Edberg from Netflix (previously lead architect at Reddit), Rajiv Eranki (formerly lead server architect at Dropbox), and Theo Schlossnagle (OmnIT).

Recorded at:

Oct 26, 2013