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InfoQ Homepage Presentations A Cloud-centric Ecosystem Approach to Ease IoT Development

A Cloud-centric Ecosystem Approach to Ease IoT Development



Yujing Wu discusses two use cases of a cloud-based IoT ecosystem that enables IoT device communication across silos and interoperability across different vendors.


Yujing Wu is Developer Evangelist at Samsung, hands-on technical lead in the domains: IoT, mobile, cloud gaming, and technical computing. She worked as a software development lead at startups and large companies and actively contributes to open source software development and writes technical articles.

About the conference

Our Global IoT conference will provide the most breadth and depth in the IoT space. Keynote speakers at our conference are considered to be leading experts in the IoT revolution. This 3 day event covers IoT developments in consumer, industrial , security and financial areas.

Recorded at:

Nov 18, 2017