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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Creating Java REST Servers from Swagger API Definitions

Creating Java REST Servers from Swagger API Definitions



Swagger is a simple but powerful representation of RESTful APIs. This talk gives an introduction to API creation using the Swagger Editor. David Garry shows how to generate a REST service in Java from this API, using swagger-codegen to create template Java REST servers with technologies such as Jersey, JAXB and Jackson.


David Garry is cofounder and CTO at Nomos Software. He is the architect and lead developer of their RuleX code generation product, and has extensive expertise in description languages for APIs, and in code generation. Automated technical support services generated by RuleX are used by 15 banks across Europe, providing diagnostic information to help devs and IT teams connect into bank systems.

About the conference

The Docklands.JLC is a community for Java developers and those with an interest in the JVM to get together monthly in the Docklands. The Docklands.LJC is proud to be part of the London Java Community.

Recorded at:

Feb 16, 2016