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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Parallel-lazy Performance: Java 8 vs Scala vs GS Collections

Parallel-lazy Performance: Java 8 vs Scala vs GS Collections



Sponsored by Goldman Sachs. Java 8 has Streams, Scala has parallel collections, and GS Collections has ParallelIterables. Since we use parallelism to achieve better performance, it's interesting to ask: how well do they perform? We'll look at how these three APIs work with a critical eye toward performance. We'll also look at common performance pitfalls.


Craig Motlin is the technical lead for GS Collections, a full-featured open-source Collections library for Java, and is the author of the framework's parallel, lazy API. He has worked at Goldman Sachs for 9 years on several teams focusing on application development before moving to the JVM Architecture team to focus on framework development.

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Jul 24, 2014