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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Approaches to DOM Traversal

Approaches to DOM Traversal



Brian Rinaldi introduces new JavaScript features and libraries that help traversing the DOM without having to rely on jQuery.


Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik. Brian is the founder of the very popular web and mobile developer site Flippin’ Awesome. He writes regularly and also tweets the best articles, tutorials and new projects he finds @remotesynth.

About the conference

DEVNEXUS is the Southeast’s most exciting conference for professional software developers working with languages, tools, frameworks & methodologies connected to the Java platform. With attendance of over 1200 people, 10 tracks provide a fantastic learning experience for Core Java, Web, Cloud, Mobile, Data & Integration, HTML5, JavaScript, Alternative Languages, Agile & Architecture, UX/Git/DevOps.

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May 25, 2014