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InfoQ Homepage Presentations JavaScript Frameworks Panel: Which Is the Right Framework for Me?

JavaScript Frameworks Panel: Which Is the Right Framework for Me?



The panelists discuss JavaScript tooling: how to select them, benefits of compiling to JavaScript, differences between MVC solutions, using one framework for both client and server, etc..


Robert Hanson - co-author, GWT in Action Brian Ford - AnjularJS Core Team member Tim Branyen - Committer, Backbone.js Yehuda Katz - Creator, Ember.js Avital Oliver - Core Developer, Meteor Lukas Ruebbelke - Co-author, AngularJS in Action

About the conference

The ETE Conference has established itself as the most diverse and interesting conference on the East Coast. Curated by developers, for developers, it brings together the brightest minds in software development. Visit we provide content throughout the year and you can subscribe to our Chariot TechCast podcast.

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Community comments

  • Why is Sencha not represented?

    by Chris Dawes,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    No mention of Sencha frameworks... weird. (was the elephant in the room, especially for large datasets... where everyone went silent.)

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